Good information architecture + good design = one great tool

Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of taking a more hands-on role in my work with our local American Red Cross chapter. In the absence of a local marketing director, I’ve been working with our office’s staff, AmeriCorps staff and interns to create more cohesive systems, so that communications can run smoothly, regardless of how quickly someone leaves or steps in to our office’s communications role.

American Red Cross is an amazing, entirely worthwhile organization, but let me tell you – wrapping a system around local communications is NO easy thing.


Anyway, I’m a hawk for social branding, so one of the first things we took a look at was how and what we were publishing, especially digitally. We found a lot of stock messaging and automated systems, and content flying all over the intarwebs. so to help fix that, we put together a pipeline to show what should be published where, in what order.


I assembled that pipeline, and while it was descriptive, it was one ugly baby. See for yourself.

ARC Communications Pipeline

So, knowing when to back out gracefully, I called my graphic designer/visual explainer friend, Andrew Montpetit, to see if he’d be interested in a little pro bono work.

“Can you PLEASE fix this??” was my request.


And he did. And I’m so pleased with this wonderfully simple, useful social media and print publishing flowchart that I’m writing a blog post about how lovely it is when creative, talented people work together for a good cause.


Now, I’m off to print this out to hang on the office wall!
Marketing and Communications Pipeline 1