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SEO is dead (for real this time)

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writing this is a cliche, i know. but as i take a look at the Search Engine Marketing landscape and think about how to get ahead of the curve as a copywriter, i can only come to one sensible conclusion:

write a shit ton of really really ridiculously interesting copy. then link to it from everywhere possible, in all sorts of creative ways.

this is what SEO has come to, if we’re honest. “Content is King” has been the buzzphrase in SEO for industry decades (like, three or four years), and the number of ways to scam the Google gets shorter each week. well organized, well written, interesting websites get the links, and they get crawled. more interesting content gets you more of both.

in other words, the easiest and most efficient way to get high rankings and visibility online is to get creative.

let’s look at what this looks like in real, SEO-ey terms:

what elements get a website to rank high in search engines?



domain authority – gained by having links from a large number of reputable, well established websites (content databases with tons of links). and also by being old.



seo copy

interesting, engaging creative SEO content – in order to know what a website is about, search engines have to see your target terms in all the usual places. nothing tricky about that. to get more Google love, you have to get more links, which brings us to:



really good links

really really ridiculously good links – it’s simple. the web is a popularity contest, in every way possible. in order to be popular, you have to be awesome. and in order for websites to be awesome, you have to build them using…you guessed it:


so that’s why i’m saying SEO is dead. because, beyond the basic staple of SEO elements every website using common sense should have, the only SEO strategy that remains is to get creative, and write. and take pictures. and shoot video. and make infographics. you get the picture.

of course, Search Engine Optimization as an industry will never really be dead, any more than Marketing or Public Relations or Certified Public Accounting would ever be dead. it’s just that it’s changed so much that SEO has become kind of a misnomer, in my opinion.

instead, we should call it Being Really Awesome Online, or maybe Digital Brand Glitterization. but not SEO, the industry that induces visions of ex-programmers hunched over computers scamming for links.

there will ALWAYS be a need for web marketing and development professionals to make sure websites are built and written correctly, and that a brand has its digital shit together. but that’s standard. to rise above the competition, the meat and potatoes of SEO is creative content.

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  1. Amen! Create content people want to share. It’s that simple. Once there is a value placed on it by people, search engines respond in kind. Give people something (awesome and creative) they can’t read anywhere else, and you’ve got something.

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