After eight years of wearing more marketing, analytic and creative hats than I can count, there are a lot of things I know how to do. But there’s one skill I’ve practiced consistently across my career (and long before), and which I still love to do: write. As a writer who’s worked with shop owners, C-level executives, and reporters alike (and who’s done my fair share of reporting myself), I’m focusing that experience on strategic communications for individuals and organizations that aim to make a profound impact.

In short: I do communications branding & PR for mission-driven brands.

These are a few areas in which I specialize:

  • brand development (mission/values, audience profiles, about copy, executive profiles +)
  • public relations (release writing & syndication)
  • brand journalism (success stories, targeted reporting +)
  • funding copywriting (executive summaries, proposals, grant writing)

Want to see examples of my work? Read what I’ve been writing lately, or look up some of the companies I’ve worked with.